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How convenience retail has transformed the service station industry

In days gone by, service stations were small family businesses. You’d be greeted by a friendly attendant who’d fill up the tank and even wash the windscreen if need be. The only items for sale were spare car parts and there were mechanics on site should you need an oil change or a service. Those days are well and truly behind us.

But that was also time when consumers did one weekly shop, stores weren’t open on Sundays and you couldn’t get same-day delivery for your online purchases. Consumer shopping habits have changed drastically in recent years with customers now demanding immediate access to anything and everything, 24/7. This shift in consumer mentality has seen the rapid rise of convenience retail in Australia – and service stations are reaping the rewards.

Now, service stations are like mini supermarkets selling everything from basic groceries, snacks, medicines and toiletries. Many are open 24 hours, and many have customers who don’t even buy petrol.

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